Easy Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe
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Yes, this easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe is made with olive oil (extra virgin). This is a one layer cake, but it’s a pretty decent size and height. Therefore, there should be plenty to go around – in case someone wants seconds..

Don’t worry if it’s you who wants another slice. For all it’s rich chocolate flavor and super moistness, this cake is pretty healthy. There’s no excess amount of oil or butter, and it doesn’t even contain eggs, yet its still amazingly so delicious.

extra virgin olive oil cake

I’ve recently become obsessed with using olive oil in a lot of my cake and muffin recipes, including this easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe. I’m talking about extra-virgin olive oil specifically.

Olive Oil and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

At one time (not too distant past) I didn’t realize there are two kinds of olive oil. I know, unbelievable..

I just assumed that all olive oil was the same, and equally good for you. Imagine my shock upon finding out that there’s actually two different kinds. And that one is a lot more better for you than the other one.

I’m definitely not telling you which olive oil to choose. It’s just shocking how differently these two olive oils are produced/made. And what I found out has led me to only use extra-virgin olive oil only for baking and cooking.

You’re Better Off Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are some people out there who have a preference for what kind of olive oil they choose to use. And you can’t always budge them from that.

But I wish that they could know that regular olive oil has been highly processed with chemicals. This has a negative effect on the oil – resulting in reduced taste and the stripping away of some nutritional benefits (source).

Worth the Price

On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil has not been processed with any chemicals at all. It’s olive oil in its purest form – not tainted with any chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Based on this information alone, I think more people should opt to use extra virgin olive oil. In addition, there’s no comparison in taste between the two olive oils. Who wants to taste chemicals in their food?

With all of that being said, there’s just some things worth paying a higher price for, including extra virgin olive oil. Don’t you agree?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Substitute: Organic Canola Oil

You may want to forego using extra virgin olive oil for this easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe. In that case, I would recommend that you use organic canola oil instead of regular olive oil.

Like regular olive oil, regular canola oil is highly processed and full of solvents/chemicals. This is why I choose (and recommend) to only use organic canola oil and/or organic extra virgin olive oil when baking.

By choosing organic extra virgin olive oil or canola oil, you’re getting only the real deal.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bagels Recipe Recommendation

Another recipe that I highly recommend is this extra virgin olive oil bagel recipe. These are the easiest bagels to make, and they taste so good with that classic chewy bagel texture.

Easy Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe Ingredients

Okay, we’re finally to the ingredients that you’re going to need to make this super delish cake! I’m sure you already have most of them on hand.

  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Salt
  • Coconut (or light brown sugar)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic preferably)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Square Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bar (or dairy-free substitute)
  • Dairy or Dairy-Free Unsweetened Milk

I frosted the cake with a super easy vanilla frosting. The ingredients are listed below, or you can use your own frosting.

  • Powdered Sugar
  • Softened Butter
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Dairy or Dairy-Free Milk

I’m glad that you’re interested in trying out this easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe. If you have any questions or comments, let me know. Thank you so much!

easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe

Easy Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe

This chocolate olive oil cake is absolutely delicious. And the olive oil makes it even better.
Prep Time 25 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 1 hr 5 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8 servings
Calories 195.42 kcal


  • 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup and 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup and 2 1/2 tbsp coconut or light brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp *extra virgin* olive oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 square semi-sweet baking chocolate bar – *melted* (or dairy-free alternative)
  • 1 1/4 cups and 3 tbsp dairy or dairy-free milk


  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl combine all of the dry ingredients (flour – sugar).
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients (olive oil – milk). Combine the ingredients just until the batter is mostly smooth.
  • Add batter to a greased 8 or 9 inch round baking pan.
    8 inch pan: Bake from 38-40 minutes.
    9 inch pan: Bake for 35 minutes (about 5 minutes less since this pan is bigger).
    *Check that the cake is well done by inserting a toothpick (or fork in my case) in the middle.
    If it’s clean after you pull it out, the cake is done. If not, bake for 2-3 more minutes; and check again*
  • Let the cake cool fully before frosting it.
    Vanilla Frosting: Add 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/2 tbsp softened butter, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 2 tsp milk (dairy or dairy-free) to a large mixing bowl.
    Using a hand mixer on high speed, combine the ingredients until very smooth (for about 2-3 minutes or an extra minute if needed).
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